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Tiles showcase zero formaldehyde slogan is a lie

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Recently, a female star caused by excessive formaldehyde formaldehyde in the news of cancer seen in the media, furniture, formaldehyde, this topic once again raised concern. This is also caused by Qian Fan exhibition with attention, and now a lot of Zhangui manufacturers in order to meet customer demand and more furniture, said the "zero formaldehyde", but because the wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, together with wood in the processing process will use adhesives And other substances, Zhangui to be truly zero-formaldehyde, basically just a legend.

Visit: "zero formaldehyde" into the slogan

The new showcase may be the release of formaldehyde, which has become a "consensus." However, the reporter recently visited found that the main "zero formaldehyde" concept of the showcase and building materials industry has become the mainstream, a number of manufacturers vowed to ensure that: now showcase has been replaced, will no longer release formaldehyde.

"Now our showcase is 'zero formaldehyde', that is, showcase bought back inside the showroom will not release any formaldehyde material is absolutely completely environmentally friendly.

Most of the ceramic tile showcase manufacturers in the showcase "zero formaldehyde" in the process, sales staff often use the "E0 level environmental zero formaldehyde" message. In the introduction, the words often means that the product reached a high standard, environmental protection level.

Truth: "zero formaldehyde" is just a legend.

"Furniture zero formaldehyde" This statement is not entirely correct. "Natural growth of the wood itself contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, wood processing and manufacture of various wood-based panels and a variety of plastics, coatings, adhesives and synthetic fiber production process will be used in urea-formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin.These resins are released The source of formaldehyde.

Therefore, the manufacturers stressed that the "zero formaldehyde" can only guarantee that no artificial process or the release of formaldehyde can be added to the material, but can not show that the showcase wood itself is "zero formaldehyde".

So, manufacturers propaganda in the use of E1, E0-level environmental standards What is the meaning of it? The reporter access to information that, in the international arena, formaldehyde limit level is divided into E2, E1, E0 three levels, namely E2 ≤ 5.0mg / L, E1≤1.5mg / L, E0≤0.5mg / L. The data show that the formaldehyde content of drinking water is 0.9mg / L, that is, E0 standard formaldehyde content is less than drinking water. The Japanese "F4 Star" standard (≤ 0.3mg / L) is internationally recognized as the most stringent environmental requirements of environmental standards. E1-level environmental standards is a national mandatory health standards, it is mandatory "safety standards."

Formaldehyde release should be ≤ 1.5mg / L

In China's national standards, quality standards on formaldehyde content undoubtedly GB18584-2001 "interior decoration materials, wood furniture, harmful substances in limited." Reporter found that the standard provisions of formaldehyde emission should be ≤ 1.5mg / L.

In addition to formaldehyde to multi-pronged approach

First in the showroom decoration should use high-quality paint or even water-based paint, from the source to reduce the release of formaldehyde. Selection of various types of materials and textile products showcase need to try to select trusted brands.

Tile showroom

Second, the decoration of the tiles showroom to maintain ventilation is also very necessary. Measured data show that the general case of normal decoration, the showroom formaldehyde release period will last 3 to 15 years. So with other methods in addition to formaldehyde is very necessary.

Finally, can be used Photocatalyst, activated carbon, Maya Blue and other materials in addition to formaldehyde.