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how to identify the Display Rack quality through pictures

2016-10-10      View:

Many overseas customers purchasing stone sample display rack from other countries, far away so that only communicate via e-mail or telephone and other communications equipment.Most suppliers will send pictures to the customers, how to identify the display quality through display of shooting pictures?

Metal display rack
Nice metal display stand’s spray paint, color sense will be very good.You can identify them according to the display surface of the pictures,if rough it means dusting off, if the surface is smooth and the quality is better.

Acrylic Display rack
Through pictures,light transmission of better quality display is very good.First of all, to see if there are significant gaps between bondings?whether there is obvious bubble?Whether the logo is completed? the surface is smooth?if there is defective? if the surface looks rough or indicating colored cloth evenly?

Wood display rack
If applied to the wooden display stands, you should concern their paint, screen printing, engraving and other processes,look at the color through the pictures, The best pictures would not be too bright nor too dark.

By using the above methods,you can easily identify the display rack quality through pictures.For reference purposes only!More info ,please click our