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On the stone display stand, how do the stone samples look good?

2019-6-26      View:
  There are several types of stone sample placement methods,like hanging type,countertop display and reclining type.Each type of stone display stand has its own advantages.According to the design style and size of the stone exhibition hall,the stone display rack can be reasonably selected to obtain the most reasonable and effective way.
  Hanging type: hanging stone display stand,also known as stone display tower,is generally divided into two types: heavy and light display stand.Heavy-duty display racks are not so arbitrary,and there are certain restrictions on placement,and most of them are placed against the wall.The width of the light display rack is no more than 50cm,so its characteristics are that it is easy to move and the position is varied,which can fully utilize and save the space of the exhibition hall.
  Reclining type: This type of placement makes the stone sample show a certain angle, generally 20°is the best.At the same time,the reclining stone display rack is similar in style to furniture and can be used with different decorative items according to your needs.
And if you like,you can put it in everywhere in the exhibition hall,and don't need to worry about the moving problems.
  Countertop display rack: This is the most common kind of stone display stand in the exhibition hall,which is usually placed in the entrance of the exhibition hall or desks.The countertop display rack can display fewer stone samples,but since it is placed on the desks,customer can take the stone samples in his hand freely,there are no less opportunities to display than other types of displays.
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