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What the features of the Stone Display

2016-10-11      View:

Stone plate as decorative materials, one of the main application is very wide. Customer favor degree is also very high. So the country's manufacturers are very much. How to enhance customer acceptance, through better display means to display our stone plate, stone plate has been a practitioner in the thinking. Today, is the display of the plate has been designed to show the sound field manufacturers to help solve the problem. A wide range of different stone slabs are available. But to see more you will find that, in addition to different styles and colors, they have a few inherent common. This is also want to make their own stone plate exhibition offers a friend can learn from the reference.

Features: good quality; stone plate because of their physical factors can not be used to determine the poor quality steel display material. This is because the stone plate of the relative density. So gravity is also large. If the display rack material is not qualified. 100 to help the stone plate easily collapsed. Resulting in property and personal property security risks.

Features 2: simple structure; sometimes complex things but not good. A simple structure can help to reduce the stone plate to reduce their own excess weight. Product display is both elegant and practical security, and easy to carry, saving transportation costs.

Features: welding solid, scientific design. Often stone slabs will not be designed with the designer's will. Basically are based on years of practical experience of the designer there are scientific support of the force design. This ensures that the second structure above is simple. At the same time, the use of excellent welding master of the technology to solder a solid solder joints, so that both beautiful and strong.

So you stone plate buyer friend, if you also have the intention to purchase or design their own stone plate exhibition, remember that the above three points, which not only determines the stone plate display effect. But also indirectly reduce the risk of uncertainty