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Portable stone sample book new design

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      Stone, tiles and other products sellers in the sales process, because of the weight and ease of comparison, viewing, picking purposes, generally only choose a small area of each stone sample to carry, display, but when a large number of samples, the sample carried For example, if a sample is simply carried in a stack, the hard stone sample in the carrying process may collide with each other to cause chipping, scratches, or the like, or to break the other items in the bag. When the sample is to be displayed , Also need to sample out one by one spread out, that is inconvenient and unsightly.

Portable stone sample bookPortable stone sample book

      The method is a portable stone sample booklet, which aims at overcoming the shortcomings of the prior art, and provides a packing book which is convenient to carry, display and can effectively protect stone samples.
      The technical scheme adopted in the method for solving the technical problem is that:

      A portable stone sample booklet is characterized in that it has two fan pages connected by hinge shafts, each leaf page is provided with a handle on the other side of the hinge shaft, and the stone sample is fixed on the inner surface of the fan page.

      The fan page has hinged shaft, so two pages can be opened or closed, such as the book is negative, open when the inner surface of the fan page of stone samples can be displayed for display, closed by the handle when carried by hand.

      The hinge shaft may be a connecting strip, and the two sides of the connecting strip are respectively bonded with the two side edges of the connecting strip, which is a connecting strip which has lateral flexibility, that is, can bend laterally.

      The central portion of the connecting strip may additionally be provided with a longitudinal hinge shaft on which is hinged a fan page.

      The addition of hinge shafts and fan blades in the middle of the tie bars may allow the method to have three or more fan pages to accommodate more stone samples.

      The hinge form page may be an integral part of the fan page and the hinge pin, and the hinge axis of the fan page may be a hem.

      In addition to the above-described manner, the hinge shaft may also be other hinge means commonly used in the prior art to effect the opening and closing of the fan page.

      The inner surface of the fan is provided with a depression, and the stone sample is embedded in the depression.

      The provision of a depression allows the stone sample to be more firmly secured to the fan page, and if the adhesive is filled in the recess, the area of the adhesive between the stone sample and the fan page is larger.

      Wherein the handle is a foamed material sheet which is fixed to the two side edges of the two sheets, and the through holes are provided at corresponding positions of the two foamed material sheets.

      The handle may be any of the handle or gripper versions of the prior art, in addition to the above.

      The invention has the advantages that the hinge mode is adopted and the stone sample is arranged on the inner surface of the fan, the packing book is closed, and the portable packing is convenient. Stone samples will not occur between the collision and avoid damage, open the fan page can be displayed directly after the stone sample.