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What is the material on the surface of the ceramic tile display rack?

2019-5-8      View:

  Ceramic tile display racks be divided into two types according to the materials: high-quality steel and MDF materials. Because of the material properties of MDF,when making MDF materials,they will be coated with a waterproof film. 

  Advantages:uniform structure, smooth surface, moderate density, good dimensional stability and small deformation.
  Disadvantages:poor water absorption, need to pay attention to moisture, poor nail holding power, nails are easy to loose.
  Therefore,according to the characteristics of MDF, it is necessary to apply a waterproof film on the surface.This kind of material is made by plastic,it has good flexibility strong adhesion,which is not easy to fall off,ensuring a longer service life of the ceramic tile stand.From the perspective of external aesthetics, it also adds to the added value of the ceramic tile display rack.   Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional display rack manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.We have a team is dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions for Ceramic Tile Display Racks, Stone Display Stand,Wood Floor Display Stand and Mosaic Display Stand. For more information, please visit our