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How to maintain artificial stone sample book

2017-1-4      View:

      As a mobile display tool for man-made stone, the use of sample books is very extensive and widespread. Artificial stone sample book production materials are usually two kinds of plastic and EVA materials. After a long-term customer feedback, that the use of the life of the sample book is not long, after a period of time and need to customize a new batch. As a stone sample book of professional design and production of the manufacturer. I think it is necessary for everyone to popularize the sample of artificial stone conservation methods. In the normal work, if the correct use of the sample book, to make the sample book more long-term use.
Sample of artificial stone
      1, some customers more impatient temper, is the kind of character that go away. So the work is catching. They are in the process of practical sample book often unconsciously force closed, beat sample book. A long time to very easily lead to the collapse of the sample book edge, especially the plastic material.

      2, placed when the sample is not a good stone will cause a fixed sample of excessive strain, causing damage. Stone sample is not well fixed in a particular sample tank, moving or jolting state is extremely easy to produce strong friction, which shares the edge of the grinding force of the sample box will produce mechanical damage.

      3, clean and unreasonable, the sample book used for some time, the above there is a certain amount of dust and grease. These are very normal conditions, but our method of cleaning these dirt is very likely to accelerate the aging of the sample book. The reason is that the plastic box eva material is not suitable for use acid-base liquid wipe, acid and alkali will destroy their chemical molecular structure, resulting in irreversible damage.

      In the usual use of the sample book as much as possible to think about the point of protection of our own sample book property. Only through bit by bit of open source to cut expenditure way will let own of enterprise development of more growth.