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How to display granite stone display

2017-1-4      View:

    The advantages of granite: variety, color variety, not easy to weathering, beautiful color, the appearance of color can be maintained for more than a century, its high hardness, wear resistance, acid or weathering is difficult to erosion.


    Granite Disadvantages: Granite will overflow radon - radioactive gas, easy to suffer from lung cancer. (Granite Baidu Encyclopedia)


    Radon Introduction: Radon is usually a simple form of radon gas, colorless, odorless, tasteless inert gas, with radioactive. When inhaled in vivo, radon decay of alpha particles in the human respiratory system caused by radiation damage, lead to lung cancer.


    According to its advantages and disadvantages of our granite placed when special attention:


    1, as far as possible placed in the vents, strong light, easy to let the granite where the radon. The best strong sun exposure. People often place as far as possible away from the granite. Need to visit the time and then a short contact. Or with a good mask. Avoid excessive inhalation of cancer.


    2, because the granite is too much loved by the people. Try to be placed in a conspicuous place. Where the eyes of customers. For the promotion of sales of granite or a great advantage.