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Repair method for damaged marble floor

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  In the previous article, we analyzed the cause of the destruction of the marble floor. After analysis,it was concluded that water is an important cause of damage to the marble floor.So,today we will talk about the repair method of marble floor damage.

  Clean the marble floor that will be repaired.The cracks and holes in the damaged marble floor are full of dirt,do remember,use a neutral detergent to clean it.Use a hard brush to wash it repeatedly and use a vacuum suction machine to absorb the sewage.This process should be as fast and effective as possible to prevent excessive water from penetrating into the cracks and affecting the effect of the stone-reinforced adhesive.
  Smooth the floor.Some marble floors have been cut when laying,so the ground should be roughly flattened before cleaning to eliminate the stitching.On the one hand, after smoothing,the surface of the stone is damaged,so that the micropores of the stone are in an open state,which is beneficial to the drying of the stone and the penetration of the stone reinforcing agent;on the other hand,the hole is inflated before it bursts.The underside of the stone surface is actually empty. If it is not polished and exposed at this time, it will reappear after repairing the ground,and it should be repaired again.
  Dry the ground.There are many ways to dry, such as natural drying, which is very economical but time consuming.Use drying equipment,such as dehumidifiers,floor heating devices,no matter which equipment is used,be sure to dry naturally for more than 2 hours, the ideal ground humidity should be controlled below 3%.
  Apply stone-reinforced adhesive.After the ground is dry,you can apply the stone adhesive on the marble floor.If time permits,put it there and wait for it to dry naturally.If time is not allowed, lay a PVC film on the floor.After it reaches the specified hardening time of 80%, people can walk on it.
  Finally,polishe the floor.When grinding,the stone adhesive hardened on the marble floor is ground and polished.For special environments such as hotels and restaurants,we must consider its anti-fouling and oil-repellent properties.Of course, we must choose a penetrating protective agent.
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