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Tips for purchasing ceramic tile display racks

2019-5-15      View:

  In order to highlight the display effect of the ceramic tile display racks better,people need to know some tips,according to the needs of the tile samples,instead of just feeling good about yourself and buy racks.Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:


  First, the back panel of the display rack placed against the wall is an opaque panel,which can be selected in the same color as the display rack, white (recommended), mirror surface;the top can be equipped with a light box, and the light in the cabinet can be selected from fluorescent lamps and spotlights.LED spotlights,the height of the top light box is in the class of 1800-2400mm,and the height below 1800 is not suitable for the top light box;the depth is generally 350--400mm,if the display of larger volume,the depth can be selected 400mm.Of course.Of course,it depends on the square and height of your ceramic tile showroom.

  Second,the rotating vertical ceramic tile display racks are generally tiled on all four sides.The open design increases visibility and air flow allowing easy access from all sides。This display stand is sturdy and stable,making it a reliable and versatile solution for tile samples.
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