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Design principles and how to display stone

2016-12-27      View:

Stone display design has been a number of stone sellers are concerned about the problem, only to ensure the stability of the display in order to enable it to a long time to bring convenience to users. The following Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction under the display of the relevant content of the design.

First, the stone display stand design

1, stability

No matter how beautiful the appearance of the display stand, after all, in the end still have to have good stability, so as to ensure that the display stand for a long time to bring convenience to the user's life.

2, to their own space for careful analysis

Before buying the display stand, be sure to carry out specific analysis of their space, if the conditions permit to the display stand manufacturers to customize a dedicated storage display stand. Only to buy their own display stand, to be able to make full use of space, but also can minimize the frequency of accidents.

Second, the display of stone display

1, the display must be consistent with the display of goods on display principle, the display must meet the principle of classification of goods displayed.

2, the sale price is due to meet the special needs of customers and sales of display products on display, as the end frame, the goods heap.

3, in the sale of goods in the season, goods, preferential prices, high gross margin, clearance, negative Maori goods should not be Duitou goods display.

4, the display stand Duitou goods are card board (tray bottom), rather than direct contact with the ground, the pile head shows the goods should accept the card board, beyond size.