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The thicker the thickness of the steel display rack, the better it is?

2019-3-28      View:

   When choosing and distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of the stone display rack, many customers think that the thicker the material of the stone display rack, the greater the bearing capacity of the stone display rack. Is that true?Keep reading,please.

  People who know about steel generally know that there are many kinds of steel, and the quality grade of steel is also divided into many levels.Compared with Q235 steel and Q195 steel, Q235 steel thickness is only 1.5mm, Q195 thickness is 2.0mm, according to the above mistakes, Q195 is definitely better than Q235,and its storage capacity is stronger.Then the result is that Q235 is only 1.5mm thick, but it can achieve the same effect as Q195. Q235 is better than Q195 in terms of force.

  Therefore, when distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of stone display stand, we can not only look at the thickness, but consider the detailed parameters such as the quality grade and yield value of the steel used.

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