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Daily maintenance of ceramic tile display rack

2019-5-29      View:

In general, ceramic tile display racks have a long service life and can be used for decades without being considered for replacement by new display stands.However, because the tile sellers don't pay attention to the maintenance of the display stand,the racks'lives shortened to a few years. In fact,you just need to take a little time to do the daily maintenance,the maintenance of the ceramic tile display stand mainly has the following aspects:

  Palcing Environment.Tile display racks are made of steel or wood,if placed in a humid environment, they are prone to rust and cracking,the display stand is easily damaged.Therefore,the tile display rack should be placed in a large space.If you have to put it in a humid environment sometimes,you can put some air desiccant, and will be better by put blankets on the ground.
  Second, the tile samples should not be placed too much on the racks.Some sellers are only too anxious to put the display rack full of tiles, which make rack seriously "overloaded", it not only damaged the display structure itself, but easily dropped the tile sample and looked unattractive,It not worth the candle.Generally, when buying a display stand, the installation will indicate the display capacity.Therefore,you can place the tile samples according to the instructions in the manual, and do not stack them too much.
  Third, proper sunshine.Put the display stand under the sun properly can not only sterilize, but release and restore the original elemental proportion structure of the display stand,the display stand is more durable and durable.
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