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What's the advantages of porcelain tile?

2019-1-21      View:
High-temoerature Porcelain refers to porcelain that has been fired above 1300 degrees. The higher the temperature, the higher the crystal density of the glaze.The higher strength of the surface,the less scratching.In addition, high temperature porcelain can be fired again at high temperatures.So how we distinguish the quality when we buy porcelain and where to buy the good porcelain tile display stand?
 High temperature porcelain is generally fuller and crystal clear.
 Hand feeling
 smooth and delicate.
 It sounds clear.
 relatively strong.
 Water absorption rate
 It's is less than 0.2%, the product is easy to clean and does not adsorb odor,Neither will occur glaze crack, will not occur leakage phenomenon.
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