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How to Identify the Quality of Showcase

2016-12-26      View:

By the impact of the environment, and now large and small domestic production of the display stand is very much, style, style and more, the price is also varied. So as consumers how to judge these different prices of the display stand it? There is a saying called the details determine success or failure. Seize the details, I believe you can easily judge.

See Edge:

Large manufacturers and small manufacturers of contrast, careful friends can be identified at a glance. Large manufacturers are yo too large modern equipment. Technical content of small manufacturers can not be compared, as long as you carefully look at the display cabinet edge will understand that the most important thing is to look at the showcase edge. Clean and solid feeling at one go.

See hardware accessories:

Playing the manufacturers to produce the products are prepared after a certain program, and each component is a process. Very consistent with operating specifications. Made out of the product is also a small voice. Neat norms, there is no redundant corner.

Look at the water seal design:

Countertop to join a special water-stop design, so that the water table is not easy to fall into the cabinet cabinet body, but also showcase long-term guarantee.

See Showcase of material:

Showcase environmental protection is very important, that is, they use the plate, the table and the edge of the adhesive. These must meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.