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Pros and Cons of marble staircase.

2019-8-28      View:

  Marble is the first choice for interior staircase decoration and design,because it is noble and elegant,and its the most durable materials,before choosing marble,let's first know the pros and cons of the marble staircase.

  Pros of marble staircase:
  1.No deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance.
  2.No odor,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,maintenance-free.
  3.Easy to maintain.Black soap diluted with water can solve the problem of cleaning the marble surface,avoiding using acidic products,chemicals and bleach!
  Cons of marble staircase:
  1.About price, marble is expensive.
  2.Marble stairs are often polished to make the surface smooth and beautiful,but this is also a double-edged sword,it will make the stair surface slippery, so you have to do anti-skid slots.
  3.Marble is a very heavy material,the marble staircase must ensure a solid and suitable underlying structure.