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New style sample box design ideas

2017-1-4      View:

    With the economic development, we entered the information age, advertising has gradually become a necessary means of merchandising merchandise, so a variety of advertising images and merchandise display everywhere, and now commonly used in life X-frame and roll up only Can be used to display advertising images, although easy to carry and use, but the function is too single, in addition to hanging put exhibition, there is no other function.

    Xiamen Qian Fan designed a trolley-type display rack, the exhibition can be free to pull, and can carry goods. This kind of pull-box type exhibition rack can only be used to hang the exhibition on the basis of the past, more goods can carry the function, but to carry the goods to be displayed, but also another preparation booth, too much trouble.

    The purpose is to provide a portable box-type display, you can advertise, but also for product display.

    The technical scheme adopted is that:

    A carrying case comprises a square box body and a case cover, wherein the inner surface of the box cover is provided with a pulling assembly, wherein the stretching assembly comprises a supporting rod, a sleeve rod and a sliding rod, The sleeve is fixed on the left and right sides of the inner surface of the case cover, and the sliding rod is connected with the sleeve rod, and the matching pin hole and the positioning pin are provided at the end of the sliding rod and the sleeve rod. Wherein the left and right sleeve rods are parallel to each other, and a hook is arranged at the tail end of the sleeve rod and the top end of the slide rod.

    The invention has the advantages that the box can be stored in the box body conveniently for carrying the goods by setting the stretching assembly in the direction box; when the hanging banner is needed to be advertised, the box cover is opened and supported to extend the stretching assembly; Hanging in the stretch components of the retractor, and the box can be placed within the corresponding goods to display, so more to attract the attention of consumers, in the true sense of the realization of the unity of advertising and merchandise to facilitate business use.

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