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Six different types of display cabinets

2016-10-11      View:

Many businesses and service providers will be a problem, it is how to make more personality and aesthetics of our showcase on display. Clothing Showcase / Menswear showcase as an example, if the classification by structure type: type can be divided into sets, removable sample, the overall test assembly, plug-in, single modular, so six kinds of specific special type structure subdivision.

1. In view of the shaft-mounted display cabinet --- Chinese traditional furniture in the form of several sets of structure, set tables, stool sets, specifications size made of different sizes from small to large square pier (a series of five-sided), or made size specifications of several different shape, the size, height useful when changes, the combination forms; when not incorporated into small pieces turn into large, the space occupied by only the largest table area, large display full use of space, reduce storage or transport space occupied.

2. Demountable Showcase --- from wood, glass, stainless steel and other components constituted, can break up and then assembled display props.

3. The overall display cabinets --- assembled by first-generation display props are not changing the structure, size, shape; if no longer in use, need to find a place to store large space or split up these materials and then made into other display props, such a waste of space, produced a display cabinet nor attractive.

4. Plug-in display cabinets --- a variety of different sized plug plate, in certain parts cut out an opening, and then plug the fight group, a combination of Showcase, display cabinets, display rack, display stand, grid, display planes, and other signs indicating the various uses of display props.

5. monomer modular display cabinet --- first devised a variety of monomers to display props, then these monomers show props (or two or more kinds of monomers with a plurality of) a combination of assembly, and the standard form constituting the wealthy change new display props. Such display of props in exhibitions, museum displays and window arrangement more practical.

6. The special formula specific display cabinets --- the exhibition, on display in the museum because of the special nature of the product, as some kind of special show props exhibits produced; it is only suitable for, but not for other product display. Such display of props was quite small but require special showcase.