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Quality evaluation method of stone display

2017-1-4      View:

    Prior to that, here is only about a single stone display shelf quality. But does not include the display of the aesthetic appearance and so on.

    Stone display shelf quality appraisal to consider a number of important factors, including: the use of display materials, display of the production process, the strength of the display stand manufacturers.

    Display materials: stone display materials are usually produced three kinds: MDF material; acrylic materials and steel materials. These three materials is no way to horizontal comparison. Because each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, is based on customer requirements and stone display samples of the special display method of decision.

    MDF material identification:

    1, the amount of formaldehyde emission, MDF by the formaldehyde emission points E1 and E2 levels, formaldehyde emission of more than 30mg / 100g failed. We have to see the certificate can be oh.

    2, from the color on the resolution, a little yellow is better, black defective. The higher the hardness the better. Most of the market on the MDF E2 level, E1 level of the small.

   Acrylic material identification: a look: see transparent plate and whiteboard transmittance, the thickness of the surface yellow proved to be inferior products; and packaging edge cutting is not smooth.

    2 smell: whether the process of cutting the smell of pungent

    Three burning: the main flame color, fire extinguished to see the generated bubbles, impurities and the length of silk

    Four friction: high-quality acrylic material feel smooth and smooth, and without perspiration, fingerprint printing, color, thickness uniformity.

    Steel material identification: This material customer identification process is more complex and not too realistic, skip.

    Display of the production process in general attention to detail on it. Such as solder joints are flat, cutting flatness, whether the screws loose, there is no barb, the display surface is smooth and so on.

    Display the strength of manufacturers, comprehensive inspection of the production capacity of display manufacturers: including site visits and registration qualification inspection. If the number of employees, company area, factory area, registered capital, staff composition structure.