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How to place granite sample display rack

2019-4-3      View:
  In order to buy a suitable granite display rack, you must understand the characteristics of granite sample. From the two directions of the product and the environment, you will know what you want and what the customer can get. This needs to be deposited in the stone industry for many years.If you have just entered the granite industry, let me give you some advice on buying a display stand.
  Composition: a hard product of granite stone developed after volcanic eruption, mainly composed of magma and minerals.
  Characteristics: high hardness, high density, wear resistance, acid resistance, because of its high hardness, it has poor absorption of water. It is not easy to weather and maintain good color under normal conditions, so it is generally used in outdoor and exterior wall decoration.
  Granite sales target group: knowing the usefulness, then we can very clearly know which people our users are, those construction communities or commercial area construction units, these units often undertake the procurement needs of the owners.
  Display of granite samples: First of all, we have to choose the kind of display racks that have similar effects as exterior wall finishes or exterior wall hangings.This kind of display stand can simulate the external wall display effect, so that customers can more intuitively feel and compare the effects of different granite samples.At the same time, due to the granite display stands, it has a role in setting off the granite samples, making it look more beautiful and more in line with the ideals of the customers.
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