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How to identify the quality of quartz stone sample box

2017-1-4      View:

      Quartz stone in the world are the highest utilization rate of stone materials, one of a kind. So the sales intensity of quartz stone competition is also very large. Stone sales enterprises in order to better display their own characteristics of the stone, most of the procurement of some quartz stone sample box before packaging stone to reflect the high-end quartz stone atmosphere on the grade. There are some bad sample box to see the profits of the business, the use of consumers do not understand the quality of identification of quartz stone sample box to deceive consumers, to maximize the benefits.

Quartz stone sample box
      Then as a quartz stone sample book buyers, through which methods can be simple and rough identification of stone sample box how the quality of the sample. There is no hit good standards? Do not worry, I have a trick.

      The edge of a defective quartz stone sample is usually not smooth and has a rough feel. Especially in the corners of the particular not rigorous. It is easy to reveal flaws. At the same time, the cut-in-the-box criteria inside the box can also pick out problems. Often a big one small, up and down not parallel and so on.


      Excellent quality of the sample box in his hand to weigh with a sense of solid, heavy. This is because the material selection of the sample cassette is compared. If it is made of inferior material into the sample box is not centripetal its weight, floating.

      Of course, there is an important factor is that as long as the general quality of production of large enterprises are not bad to go. This is why we choose to buy goods have a certain well-known reasons for the enterprise. Quartz stone sample box procurement We should also choose a certain qualification of the company or manufacturer to buy. So that the probability of buying fakes even lower.