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Large sloping stone display rack

2019-4-10      View:
  Large sloping stone display racks are generally used in stone shops or exhibition halls.In order to highlight the characteristics of stone samples, some exhibition sellers sometimes make special display racks with large sloping plates.In addition to considering the aesthetics, the durability of the large sloping display is a special place.
  Material of large sloping stone display stand
  The material mainly consists of steel plate, square tube and wood frame.Generally, when the wood frame is used, a white layer is also scraped, so that the shape of the display frame and the decoration of the exhibition hall are integrated, thereby covering the frame's own unlimited grade material. With the passage of time, a large sloping plate frame of the steel plate flooded into the market, and it was very popular in the market because of its beautiful appearance and rich metal three-dimensional feeling. If you want to learn the practice of tile slabs, you can refer to the following guidelines.
  First, calculate the material. How much material is needed, more waste is bought, and less is not enough to buy. Accurate calculation of the material of the large slanting frame is enough to save a lot of time and a certain amount of money, so that the purpose of rational planning of time and money is also the reason for the cost-effective display of the reclining display.

  Second, test the quality.Welding quality, welding points and other factors will directly affect the quality of the tile sloping display. In the same way, the cutting pipe must be measured to a good length to avoid extravagance and waste. If the pipe is cut again and again, the impact on the practical life of the large sloping plate is great.

  Finally, the design space. First of all, we must measure the actual size of the exhibition hall, including the three dimensions of length, height and width. When designing the large sloping display rack, the size should not exceed the volume of the exhibition hall itself. Otherwise, the height of the installation process exceeds the actual size and the safety is unsuccessful. This is also why many customers are responding to why they have reasonably measured the size of the space, but the actual situation is that the large sloping plate can not be placed.

  All in all, if you have the financial ability to directly purchase the large sloping stone display rack, if you are ingenious or have a hands-on heart, then you can refer to the practice of this article to get good results by your own experience.