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Curing method for baking varnish marble display stand

2019-7-17      View:

  The marble display stand produced by the baking finish house has better effect than the traditional paint,and it is more high-end,too.It is very suitable for long-term overseas exhibitions and exhibitions of tile,stone and wood flooring.Now on the painted marble。So how to maintain the painted marble display stand?

  A clean rag.You don't need to buy a special rag or dusting tool that has a lot of softness and a lot of fluffy hair,but please be sure to cherish your marble display stand and use a clean rag to remove dust.There are two advantages to doing this:First,there are no hard particles on the clean rag,particles can scratch the protective film on the painted surface,which can seriously damage the integrity of the paint itself.Second,even if there are no particles,if you use a dirty rag to wipe, then the wipe is certainly not clean and will leave colored stains on the painted surface,affecting the beauty of the marble display stand.
  Choose the right care agent.There are many brands of paint care agents on the market.It is best to buy both spray wax and detergent,first clean with a cleaning agent and then spray wax on the traced areas.
  Remove the watermark from the surface of the rack.You can try to put a wet rag on the watermarked paint display rack like ironing,and then iron it on the iron at a lower temperature,which can effectively remove the watermark.
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