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In the exhibition hall,the placement method and marketing strategy of the stone display stand

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  In the exhibition hall,a reasonable and creative method of stone display rack must be able to attract the attention of the passing people,so how to put your stone display stand to be reasonable and eye-catching?

  First of all,the hot-selling or key recommended stone should be placed at the entrance of the exhibition hall or the most conspicuous place.The passage between the exhibition stand and the display stand should be kept smooth,and the customer won't feel crowded and unable to walk,so that the customer can easily and pleasantly choose the stone,and the placement should be rational and well-organized,and the visual color and the shape of the display stand should be coordinated.
  Second,the stone samples are visible and available.That means if the customer is interested in this stone sample,the customer will be able to get it immediately.According to scientific research,based on the horizontal line of sight of a person,the range from 10 degrees above the horizontal line of sight to 20 degrees below is an easy-to-see area.The stone samples you want to recommend can be placed in this range.
  Third,compared to hot-selling products,those with low gross margins can be placed on the top and bottom of the stone display stand,where customers are not easy to notice and get it.
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