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Method for the quality identification of paper stone samples

2017-1-4      View:

      Paper stone sample booklet is usually a stone company distributed to dealers around a sample booklet. To facilitate the dealers to buy products. A good man-made paper stone sample book can get a good display effect. However, not every sample book made by manufacturers to do out of paper stone sample book can be satisfactory. Next describes how to analyze the quality of paper-based man-made stone sample quality.

      Weight feel: good quality paper sample book in his hand heavy. You can feel his center. Like the hands of the feeling of holding weights. And the general poor quality of the paper even poor sample book in the hands of light floating.

      Hardness How to: gently pinch a paper sample book to see if there is no depression. The occurrence of depression and can not be restored for a long time. This paper sample book is usually used in the materials are very poor, with a limited life.

      Whether the flash: the edge can be seen that the entire paper sample book work is rough. Incision is complete, there is no rounded smooth anti-angle. Burr, barb, etc. will affect our feel.

      Flatness is not good: some of the backwardness of the paper sample book machine manufacturing stamping force of less than standard requirements, stamping out the sample sample plate is very uneven, the organoleptic effect is poor.

      Sharpness Judgment: The general risk of paper-based sample books is to print some patterns and articles. From the pattern of color clarity, identification, etc. can better distinguish between the quality of this sample book quality.

      There are many ways to identify the quality of man-made stone-based samples. However, if you follow the above criteria to select the five criteria. That your stone is not found in the paper sample book to go there.