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When use wooden Ceramic Tile Display Rack,you need to know the following attentions

2019-5-22      View:
  The wooden ceramic tile display rack not only show a good effect, but makes the exhibition hall look more upscale, but there is a thing needed to pay attention to:it will cause fire accidentally when the customer who is smoking when visiting the exhibition hall,especially in the dry and hot environment,so the exhibition hall which using a large number of wooden tile display racks needs more attention to fire ventilation.
  In addition, there are a few things to keep in mind when using wooden ceramic tile display racks.
  First,prevent mildew on wooden ceramic tile rack.In spring and summer,it is easy to see that the air is not ventilated and the ambient humidity is too high.If you do not pay attention to the corners of the display rack where you ignore easily, it may already be moldy.
  Second,the wood is not like the previous solid wood anymore,many manufacturers will use plywood and other materials,so the load-bearing effect will be greatly reduced.Tiles that cannot be placed you can collect them and placed in unobtrusive corners.Otherwise,it looks not so beautiful on the display rack 
and it is easy to exceed the maximum load limit of the display rack.
  In short, when you buy a wooden ceramic tile display stand, in addition to reading the installation instructions,you also need to know some tips of wood furniture maintenance,which will help you to maintain the wooden ceramic tile rack!