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How to buy wall tiles display

2016-12-26      View:

As a new tile decorative materials, wall tiles are more and more customers by the trust. As a wall and floor tiles to sell businesses how to choose the right display tools, the choice of customers play a crucial role. First of all, let us look at the tiles and ordinary tiles which are significantly different characteristics, to understand these in order to make the choice of display becomes less confused.

Wall and floor tiles are clay, quartz sand and other materials by grinding, pressing, glazing, sintering and other processes, the formation of ceramic or ceramic plate. Varieties are mainly glazed tiles, polished tiles, tiles. Wall and floor tiles are mainly paved living room, dining room, walkway, balcony ground, kitchen, bathroom wall surface.

Tiles, tiles, is the refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxides, through the grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process, and the formation of a acid-resistant ceramic or stone, such as the construction or decoration Of the material, collectively referred to as tiles. Its raw materials and more from the clay, quartz sand, and so mixed.

Through the above observations we can easily find a lot of different wall and floor tiles. So we should pay attention to the following points in the selection of wall tiles:

1, wall tiles display display should be higher than the tile display. Conditions can be placed behind the tiles. The purpose of doing so is the customer in the purchase of ceramic tile is likely to progress when you choose a wall tiles. Play the role of secondary sales. Therefore, when we buy a display stand should buy a certain height of the wall tiles display stand.

2, because the types of wall and floor tiles are more in the choice of display rack when the store should be based on their needs. Select the appropriate type for display. There are too many types of display stand is not placed. Too few types, display space and empty display. To customers feel that your family does not have many types of wall and floor tiles. So you need to choose what kind of compact, so that customers do not consciously think that we show rack of tiles on behalf of the market all the tiles.

Finally, customers can also be customized according to their own requirements wall tiles display stand Oh. This can best meet customer needs.